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Success Story - Managed IT Services

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


With aging and worn out hardware, slow servers, and inconsistent IT support, this Northern California -based organization was in need of Gridien’s assistance. They were concerned about the security of their data and wanted to incorporate reliable servers, network protection and disaster recovery into their IT infrastructure.


The organization employed Gridien Managed Network Services to address and resolve their IT difficulties. Gridien developed a custom-tailored hosted server environment that delivered data security, reliability, and scalability to meet the organization’s ever-growing information technology needs. To prepare for this new solution, the client opted for a hosted server solution in the Gridien virtual Data Center. This allowed them to enjoy a climate controlled environment and protect their data from hardware, internet, and power failures. In addition to receiving automatic software/hardware upgrades, the organization also gained a 24×7 IT support team. This gives them the comfort of knowing that a team of IT professionals is readily available to help with not only the initial set-up of their solution, but also to continuously support them.


When Gridien migrated the organization to the Gridien Virtual Environment, they were provided with a cutting-edge, multi-user aware Citrix server. This machine provides each person who accesses the server and database with their own session, which allows for optimal performance. Gridien virtual’ data center is co-located in one of the top tier data location operated by QTS.


With Gridien Managed Network Services, the client enjoys 24×7 IT support, is able to retrieve their data at a near 100% up-time, and can access their data remotely. Whether at work in California or away in another state, the organization’s staff can safely and quickly access their server and database with the assurance of knowing they are using state-of-the-art reliable and secure technology. With the proper technology solutions in place, the organization can easily expand their business and focus on achieving their mission.

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